Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday AWOP Radio Show November 27,2011 : Film Maker and Writer Laine Causey and Musician John Clark

Vintage Radio Ads posted to Honor the History of Radio....
"During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts."~~David Bohm American-born British quantum physicist who contributed to Manhattan Project.Friend of Albert Einstein and later investigate by House Un-American Activities Committee for his "radical" politics. (He was a member of the Mobilization for Peace Organization)~~


First we have the Introduction by Kim @waopradio and then we have the 99 Report 7:15-7:30 PM and then Kitchen Table Politics by @mommapolitico from 7:30PM to 8PM. And at 8PM Our Guests.

Our First Guest is Laine Causey an aspiring Film Maker who has written a Lesbian Love Story set in 1960s Texas. She is moving to LA this winter to start Production on this Film. As there have been few Lesbian Love films and ever fewer set in the Texas of the bygone Sixties this will be an interesting discussion. Her Film Company is Magnolia Bay Films is based In Houston Texas. You can read more about Magnolia Bay Films and her film Marfa Texas to learn more. She is also on Twitter at @ProducerLaine.

John Clark "LIVE" "Hope in Hard Times" ( Michelle Shocked has been playing this song world wide)
John Clark is our second guest. He and his wife Mary Ann are down in Tampa Florda working hard to support the Occupy Movement. We will talk to them about Occupy, but also talk to John about his music and how his music has contributed to Social Justice Issues and Causes. He has written another song called "What We Came Here For" that is dedicated to the Occupiers. You can listen to more of his LIVE tracks saved on MYSPACE And it's free and in MP3 format.

On Facebook::

On Twitter: @JohnClarkBaker
If we have time we might play some of the video below, one of our Listeners sent this to me, it is a Video made as the anthem for Occupy America, and in the beginning the first few minutes have some chilling poignant words of Martin Luther King,

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Awopradio Show For Sunday November 20th,2011 : Guests Include Twitter Wonder,BLUNT Creator "Laffy", and Movie Mom Nell Minow

(As part of honoring Radio's part in our History I try to find iconic Vintage Radio Posters, if you wish to purchase it please go to this link.
Our Radio Show is from 7-9 PM EST Sunday Night . 7:00 PM Kim welcomes the show, and then 7:15PM to 7:30PM I give the 99 Report and then from 7:30PM to 8PM Perry has Kitchen Table Politics. Our Blog Talk Radio LINK is here, so Tune In and Listen Up....

99 Report and Links.
(1) Information about the 84 yr old Pepper Sprayed Activist in Seattle The Story of Dorli Rainey is here.
(2) Information about Medical Advice for Pepper Spray ( and Tear Gas) Updated Post from me the Nurse on this issue.
(3) Information about How People can Help Rebuild the Zucotti Park OWS Library that was destroyed this week. Here is more information about the OWS Library.

Guest Nell Minow, "Movie Mom", 8:00- 8:30PM joins us to talk about her website as a Movie Mom and her upcoming Book "101 Must See Movies" that is due out in January. She has two wonderful Must See Websites, Movie and GMI Both are really wonderful for Movie junkies and a real find.

Our 2nd Guest of the Evening is "Laffy" or @GottaLaff as she is known on Twitter. She is a Twitter Wonder, keeping thousands connected and informed daily. She has found a way to weave News, Political Events and Humor that is a Must Follow whether it be on Twitter or on her Blog that she writes with Paddy called "The Political Carnival". On her Blog she also posts short edited Video Segments on Timely Issues called "BLUNTS".These segments have gotten National Attention , even recognized recently at a Van Jones Event in DC when shared and honored by Lizz Winstead. BLUNTS are created by people from the Internet and Twitter contributing their own commentary for 30 seconds and then she edits them into short segments adding music and humor. Indeed she has created an effective progressive tool that creates thoughtful dialogue and a way to share on critical issues of our times. ( There is a whole Library of BLUNTS that cover a multitude of issues and is wonderful to explore). You can check out BLUNTS here and indeed you will be hooked. and her Blog with Paddy, the Political Carnival is is here and is a must read, updated throughout the day.

On another note if you want to listen in to Laffy she is on the Nicole Sandler Show "Radio or Not" on Tuesday Mornings, it's a great show and a must to add to your schedule. ( Reminds me of Air America Days, listening to Smart Women really talk Political Turkey.)
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

AwopRadio Show for Sunday November 13th 2011, 7-9PM EST

Be sure to tune in at 7PM EST we have a great show. Kim @awop and Perry @mommapolitico are the main hosts and there is the 99 Report and Kitchen Table Politics and great guests. We have a talented Indie Musician known on Twitter as @Pirate_Larry and we will talk with him about his music ( you can give him a listen here).
And then those that are following Occupy know that Oakland has really been in the thick of it and we are lucky to have SpencerforHire or @oakfosho coming on to give the Latest on Oakland which is having a perilous weekend and Oak has been doing an amazing job with the Ustream this weekend.

More From Larry,
His LIVESTREAM channel. Larry is a talented artist lending his expertise to others and also helping OCCUPY ( in Tijuana as well.)

So Listen In and Listen At 7PM EST to 9PM EST...there will be much radio goodness.....
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Awopradio Sunday November 6th , Mad as Hell Docs are back...

Mad as Hell Docs Join us again Blogtalkradio, Dr.Mike Huntington and Dr.Paul Hochfield talk SinglePayer and need for Improved Healthcare for all..
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