Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You and Happy New Year to all of Our Amazing Listeners and Guests on Awopradio

Awopradio was just starting back in the summer, in July. And I came on the show as a guest to talk about my book, invited by Perry. At the time I was a nervous wreck, I had never done a full radio interview, and never done any interviews on the book. "Silent Fallout" was done, and I was wading through final edits and legal reviews, but I thought I should find some courage and take the plunge. On another note I have had a deep curiosity and longtime love of Radio. I miss Air America terribly and I even collect old radio shows ( on tape). So for those that think I found my courage, actually I think I found my passion. I am still shy on the radio, and Kim and Perry are relaxed and funny and that makes it all go better. I am so blessed to be able to help the show and schedule guests, and contribute to such a venture.

Kim has a Molly Ivins quality that I adore and Perry is the political wonk, she reminds me of Linda Ellerbee. And then there is Nunzia who used to work at CNN and is a true journalist. This is a top notch team....And we began inviting all kinds of guests....and amazingly enough they came, and all of them were and are wonderful. So The Video below is to thank our Amazing Guests who helped make the First 6 Months such an amazing ride. So the video below has our Amazing Guests and some of their fine works. ( Please know that we tried to find photos of @WhoDat and @EileenLeft and @Symbolman, @PirateLarry .....if I get their photos I will add them. I also added our January Guests.Please know that I am still new making videos. this is only my 3rd one, so the order is not quite right.....)) But the Video is really a way to Thank Our Wonderful Guests...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

AwopRadio Show For Sunday December 18th, Eric Byler of the Coffee Party and An Update from Occupy Pittsburgh ...

(Posted 12.15.11)
Nothing better than Sunday Evenings to tune in and Listen up to Internet Progressive Radio. First we have the 99 Report and then we have Perry @mommapolitico with her Undercover Liberal Report ( involving a trip to a Gun Show ), at 7:30PM and then we have our Guests. We continue focus on how OCCUPY Movement is helping focus on real American issues. At 8PM we have a Report from an RN,Marcy that has been working with Occupy Pittsburgh and she will update us from her state. And then there is Eric Byler of the Coffee Party at 8:30PM who will update us multiple sites of Occupy and also share his experience of being arrested while photographing and reporting/tweeting Occupy in LA as it was raided by Police. And there will be plenty else going on as well as chatroom will be open, so please join us....7PM EST on Sunday Eve. ( Just Click the Radio over on the Side Bar.) Or you can click here too...
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(1) Eric Byler Filmaker and Co Founder of the Coffee Party shares his story of being arrested while Filming Occupy LA, it is a compelling well written piece....
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awopradio Show For Sunday December 11th : Guests Faydra Deon and Walter Brasch

Sunday Night on Awopradio on BlogTalkRadio 7-9PM EST we have a great show planned with two really amazing writers. First we have the 99 Report 7-7:15PM and then we have Perry @Mommapolitico will give us the rundown on Kitchen Table Politics. ( This Week on the 99 Report the focus will be the Foreclosure Crisis and the Occupy Movement's Focus on reclaiming homes and empty buildings. ( The Post below will have details 99 Report of the Foreclosure Mess and Occupy Homes, and also more data on Vets losing their homes.)

Faydra Deon
And Our First Guest at 8PM is Faydra Deon, who is well known on @Faydra_Deon as a real Twitter Wonder, and Internet maven. She also as a Blogger is writing and publishing her first Books. Her First Book is Called" The Pride" , an amazing book about 4 Strong Women. ( She has two other books upcoming "The Village " and the "The Project". ) She has been on Twitter for over 2 years and has truly forged a presence there as well, helping people learn how to blog and also connect. Her main Website is here and has links to so many of her projects. She does not just help folks with Wordpress, she also is now helping folks get self published. And then there is the publishing site that has more info on how to get her books, on solamente publishing. She is offering really good help for folks trying to navigate blogging or selfpublishing.

The Pride

Our Second Guest at 8:30PM EST is Walter Brasch who is an activist and journalist. His newest book, "Before the First Snow", is extraordinary and spans from the 1960's to right before the Gulf War starts. Great Blog by Walter called the Wanderings has more about his book "Before the First Snow". And his website is really wonderful and worth a read as well, Walter's Website on his activism and journalism.

This is the World of Progress Radio logo ( Which I am trying to add to the Sidebar.)

You can click here to listen to the Show.
Radio Promo Kim's Radio Promo ( Audio) awesome...
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Awopradio Show For Sunday December 4th, Guests include Ashley Arrington and Jordan Capatano

"The radio for these women is like television is for us today, which is really like looking at the Radio."~~Debbie Allen || Radio is again where women are connecting...And as History rolls on Radio is again making a comeback...especially Internet Radio...Connecting Blogs,Indie Media and Twitter....

This Sunday's show 7-9PM EST we have Author Jordan Catapano on her latest book, "A Girl Walks into a Bar", and LGBTQ Activist Ashley Arrington updating us on her latest work down south and all that is happening there in Asheville NC with the Blue Ridge Pride Movement. ( We last had Ashley on the show in the fall, so it will be good to get an update on what has happened there since September.) We also will having the 99 Report, Kitchen Table Politics and a call in with a report from the West Coast Occupy Movement from @OakfoSho. As well as some Occupy Music from JimmyReeferCake. You can tune in and Listen Up Here or you can also click on the radio over on the Sidebar.

Jordan is a bartender that has written a book that might be very handy with the holidays coming up as it has home mixing ideas, and also shares her stories as a long time bartender.
This week's 99 Report will be focused on the Problems of Youth, Children of the 99 Percent . ( Please look for the separate post below for more details as I post that the day of the show.) I also am giving a huge shout out to Erika , known as @BeautyVault on Twitter, as she has written a Post for Daily Kos about Occupy's Next forefront, as winter has come upon the Occupy Movement. You can read her post here, where she explains how OCCUPY will focus on on the Foreclosure Crisis , as the Cleveland Occupy targets this massive nationwide problem. ( Other Occupy sites are also directing attention to this massive crisis.) You can also follow OccupyCleveland on Twitter and Facebook....)

Tonight again we had @OakfoSho on and he shared with us about Occupy and what it means to him as a young man with an MBA, who recently decided to work Fulltime filming and being a Documentarian for the Movement. He is a fine Citizen Journalist really doing a fine job with the LIVE Ustream, you can read his UStream here and also learn more about his work as he covers the Occupy Movement on the West Coast. He's talented and really should be scooped by someone like the Young Turks....He has real broadcasting skills.
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