Sunday, November 13, 2011

AwopRadio Show for Sunday November 13th 2011, 7-9PM EST

Be sure to tune in at 7PM EST we have a great show. Kim @awop and Perry @mommapolitico are the main hosts and there is the 99 Report and Kitchen Table Politics and great guests. We have a talented Indie Musician known on Twitter as @Pirate_Larry and we will talk with him about his music ( you can give him a listen here).
And then those that are following Occupy know that Oakland has really been in the thick of it and we are lucky to have SpencerforHire or @oakfosho coming on to give the Latest on Oakland which is having a perilous weekend and Oak has been doing an amazing job with the Ustream this weekend.

More From Larry,
His LIVESTREAM channel. Larry is a talented artist lending his expertise to others and also helping OCCUPY ( in Tijuana as well.)

So Listen In and Listen At 7PM EST to 9PM EST...there will be much radio goodness.....
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