Sunday, December 18, 2011

AwopRadio Show For Sunday December 18th, Eric Byler of the Coffee Party and An Update from Occupy Pittsburgh ...

(Posted 12.15.11)
Nothing better than Sunday Evenings to tune in and Listen up to Internet Progressive Radio. First we have the 99 Report and then we have Perry @mommapolitico with her Undercover Liberal Report ( involving a trip to a Gun Show ), at 7:30PM and then we have our Guests. We continue focus on how OCCUPY Movement is helping focus on real American issues. At 8PM we have a Report from an RN,Marcy that has been working with Occupy Pittsburgh and she will update us from her state. And then there is Eric Byler of the Coffee Party at 8:30PM who will update us multiple sites of Occupy and also share his experience of being arrested while photographing and reporting/tweeting Occupy in LA as it was raided by Police. And there will be plenty else going on as well as chatroom will be open, so please join us....7PM EST on Sunday Eve. ( Just Click the Radio over on the Side Bar.) Or you can click here too...
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(1) Eric Byler Filmaker and Co Founder of the Coffee Party shares his story of being arrested while Filming Occupy LA, it is a compelling well written piece....
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