Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank You and Happy New Year to all of Our Amazing Listeners and Guests on Awopradio

Awopradio was just starting back in the summer, in July. And I came on the show as a guest to talk about my book, invited by Perry. At the time I was a nervous wreck, I had never done a full radio interview, and never done any interviews on the book. "Silent Fallout" was done, and I was wading through final edits and legal reviews, but I thought I should find some courage and take the plunge. On another note I have had a deep curiosity and longtime love of Radio. I miss Air America terribly and I even collect old radio shows ( on tape). So for those that think I found my courage, actually I think I found my passion. I am still shy on the radio, and Kim and Perry are relaxed and funny and that makes it all go better. I am so blessed to be able to help the show and schedule guests, and contribute to such a venture.

Kim has a Molly Ivins quality that I adore and Perry is the political wonk, she reminds me of Linda Ellerbee. And then there is Nunzia who used to work at CNN and is a true journalist. This is a top notch team....And we began inviting all kinds of guests....and amazingly enough they came, and all of them were and are wonderful. So The Video below is to thank our Amazing Guests who helped make the First 6 Months such an amazing ride. So the video below has our Amazing Guests and some of their fine works. ( Please know that we tried to find photos of @WhoDat and @EileenLeft and @Symbolman, @PirateLarry .....if I get their photos I will add them. I also added our January Guests.Please know that I am still new making videos. this is only my 3rd one, so the order is not quite right.....)) But the Video is really a way to Thank Our Wonderful Guests...

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