Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Awopradio Show for Sunday March 18 : Focus Coal Ash , Interview with Prominent Advocates, Environmental Lawyer, and GreenPeace

Welcome to the Awopradio Show Blog, The Show is now 6:30PM EST and runs to 9PM EST on Sunday Evenings. It is now on USTREAM and also if you can't join us, you can now listen to the Show on iTunes ( see the Sidebar for the Link). Please also do check out the Sidebar as there are links to the A World of Progress Video Channel ( great place to see some of the fine Music and Interviews, including John Clark, The HoneyCutters, and @pirate_larry and Lyric). Also there is the Links to the 99 Report and the blogs of Kim G ( The AWOP Publisher @awop or @awopradio ) and @Mommapolitico ( Perry) , as well as my Blog "Watergate Summer". Kim G. is our fearless leader, she is the person who you see on the USTREAM screen and is the one who has been working so hard to improve the audio of our show. At 6:30PM she does the Intro to the Show.After the break we have the 99 Report ( highlights from the Friday Radio Show) and then we have @Mommapolitico ( Perry) our resident political wonk brings us the goodness of #KitchenTablePolitics.

This show has been planned and coordinated by Host Kim G,and she has invited amazing guests on to discuss the problems associated with Communities facing challenges associated with Coal Ash. the Interviews and discussion with our Guests begin at 8PM. She has invited Advocates on to discuss these battles, she has included a fine Environmental Lawyer and also a Greenpeace Spokesperson.The Guests Include : Rhiannon Fionn Bowman, Harlan Hentges an Environmental Lawyer, and Robert Gardner of Greenpeace. The discussion will begin at 8PM with our guests to discuss Ash Battles and ongoing work and challenges.

Chilling News Story from Spring 2011 of Bokoshe OK story of their battle fighting the Ash Dump Site that is effecting their town and community. Jim Scuitto covered the story for ABC.
More about the Ash Dumpsite at Bokoshe , OK and it's it's relationship with the town as 80 truckloads a day are brought in.
You can read more about Harlan's work and the landowners he represents and the battle of the Coal Ash Pit in Bokoshe,OK. You can read more in this report from the about this battle, but also about the EPA lack of resolution re. hazardous Status of Coal Ash. This is not just a Oklahoma issue, it is a nationwide problem. You can read more about his fine work and challenging cases on this Organic Lawyers Website. Harlan also has a wonderful blog, that covers a variety of environmental issues.

Robert Gardner also will join the discussion and share about his work with Greenpeace. ( You can read more about him here, his environmental work and focus. Here is more on Greenpeace and their efforts on educating people about the toxic legacy of Coal Ash.

Rhiannon Fion Bowman is a fine NC independent journalist, her new project is the Coal Ash Chronicles, and she will be on the show explaining her Kickstarter and her work on this project. She plans to travel nationwide and cover the effects of Coal Ash on different communities.


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