Saturday, March 31, 2012

Awopradio Show For Sunday April 1st....Our Final Sunday Night Show

Tonight we are pleased to have wonderful guests on our final show together. Change has come to our Sunday Night Show. I did try to reach out and let some of our favorite folks know that this was our Final Sunday Show so that they could listen in. We have had wonderful guests these past 8 months, people who gave generously of their time and sharing their stories and projects and work with us. Kim as the main host of Awopradio will explain what she plans next and what lies ahead. I have been honored and thankful to work on this show, to work on scheduling and the show notes and the behind the scenes coordination, as well as participate in some amazing discussions. I wish Kim and Perry the best as they pursue what is next. Awopradio on Sunday Evenings was a wonderful Learning Experience and an Adventure on many levels for all three of us...

Please join us for this Special Show ....

7PM We welcome Radio Or Not Wonders Shane and Danielle...We will talk about their new show "Talking Left" and have a discussion about all that is going on in Progressive Radio right now and thank them for all of their hard work. We will be welcoming Shane Farnan "Shan-O" @FunkedinDaHead and Danielle, known as the @LeftNeckChick at 7PM. They are part of the RadioOrNot Team. They are on in the evenings and also starting a new show called TalkingLeft. Shane also fills in for Nicole at times as well in the am. ( Nicole Sandler's Show is also on in the Mornings 10-Noon on RadioOrNot and Ustream and then at 11PM in the evenings on WeActRadio ).

This is about Shane ( or Shane O) Pocket-Cub Producer for the Stephanie Miller Show. Co-host, Executive Producer of Talking Left @TalkingLeft. Political junkie. Ft. Lauderdale, FL ·

And This is More About Danielle @LeftNeckChick Live on Talking Left - Wednesdays 7-10PM ET- on the home of Nicole Sandler, Fort Lauderdale, Florida ·

As we three go our Seperate Ways...and end this Part of The Ride....I am sharing some wisdom from Bill Hicks and Molly Ivins....
Bill Hicks....The Ride...

I hope that you enjoyed The Ride....I surely have....and I hope Our Listeners and Guests did too....thank you...allie
Molly Ivins ....:How we hurt ourselves when scared to death"

About when we Fight Things Bigger than Ourselves....We have to be fearless...

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