Saturday, January 7, 2012

Awopradio Show for Sunday January 8th, 2012

This Sunday Awopradio will be LIVE via Ustream, you can listen and watch via Ustream, or you can also go to the Awopradio Facebook page. The Show will be at 6 PM EST with my 99 Percent report at 6:30 PM and then Perry @mommapolitico at 7:00PM with her Kitchen Table Politics. ( Please know that are show is still archived over at Blogtalkradio and we are moving and saving all of our previous shows.) During the show, we won't be able to have Calls In, but we will be monitoring the Ustream Chat Room and the Facebook Page to be able to talk to our Listeners. Kim, Perry and I do want to talk and hear from Listeners just like when we were at BlogtTalkRadio. Click the Title to get to the Ustream Link or go to the SideBar and click the Red Radio....

Our First Guest will be Lyric, an amazing singer from North Carolina who is like nothing you have heard in 10 years. If you love Funk, Jazz, Blues sung soulfully you will love Lyric. And because we have a new Format you will be able to see Lyric perform in the Liberal Loft of Kim our host down in North Carolina. This Article has an amazing write up in "Women Making Music" about Lyric and her sound, and her talent.

This Snippet from the article in "Women Making Music" by Peggy Ratusz,
"The first time I heard Lyric was the first time ninety percent of the full house audience that evening first heard Lyric. She fluttered in like a brassy butterfly; initially unassuming. She was methodical, taking her time to blow us away with her melodic poetry and her bountiful soulful voice. Whew, lordy people, if you haven’t heard of or heard Lyric, you simply must give yourself the gift. “Guitar Feet” is her latest release."

Audio of "Open Roads' is down below, and you can also watch the video of the same song here, there are 11 videos of her performing, all are excellent.



At 8:30PM our second guest is Jill E .Bond, who is known to many on Twitter and Facebook, she is a political pundit from Florida.She is ranked Florida's #1 Political Tweeter, and is also a frequent guest and commentator on Progressive Radio, including Left Neck Chick and Kenny Pick's evening show. We will be talking Politics with her, and also the future of progressive radio, especially during this pivotal election year. Jill has also just begun a new venture as a columnist for the and we talk to her about that work as well. You can follow Jill at @JillEBond on Twitter and her site at And do check out her Political Posts on the where she shares the latest on the political scene as the GOP sets their sights on Florida this month. She is covering it all handily, from Santorum's underwhelming surges to Gingrichs antics....A Great Read. ( And the GOP is there after SC on January 31st, so there will be plenty to follow as things heat up.)
(1) Article from Women Making Music about Lyric has a great interview with Lyric.
(2) Lyric Singing "Open Roads" on Reverbnation Must See Video....
(3) Lyric's Reverbnation Channel , will have you hooked....and come on and come join her fans there....
(4) Perry @mommapolitico covered the new financial agency in her Kitchen Table Politics ( KTP) and the website has plenty, from info for older adults facing financial hurdles to Foreclosure questions/concerns to Student Debt issues, So remember to share with your friends or people needed financial questions answered. The site also has a nice write up about their new appointed head Richard Cordray.

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