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Awopradio Show for Sunday January 22nd, 2012, Guests include Cliff Schecter and Jim Dean of Democracy For America

This Sunday is our 3rd USTREAM show, please bear with us while we are "Under Construction". We are still trying to determine our New Format. In particular, we are still trying to determine our TimeLine. For Tonight we are doing a 3 Hour Show tnight, but we are looking at a 2.5 Hour Show starting next week on 1/29/12 at 6:30PM. But tonight our Show is starting at 6PM EST. At 6PM Kim gives an introduction to the show and our guests. At 6:30PM I give the #99Report which covers Issues effecting the #99Percent and Why there is an Occupy Movement. At 7PM is Perry @mommapolitico with her #KitchenTablePolitics covering all the latest on the Political Spectrum ( and there's plenty this week). And at 7:30 PM is our First Guest Ashley Arrington bringing us an update from the South Carolina Primary Scene and also the We Do Campaign. And at 8PM is Cliff Schecter with update from the Start up of his New Progressive DC based Radio Station. And then at 8:30PM there is Jim Dean of Democracy for America.

Ashley Arrington 7:30PM EST is coming on the show to share with us her work with Southern Equality .Org and the "We Do Campaign" and also give us an update on the South Carolina's Primary. ( Ashley has been on the show before and always keeps us up to date on important issues, we are grateful that she is returning to the show.)

Southern Equality.Org and the We Do Campaign.


Cliff Schecter at 8PM. Cliff is a longtime Blogger and Writer and Pundit and Progressive Voice. ( This is his latest Post on "Remembering Tuscon" is an excellent read. He has has written for Huffington Post and The Guardian. We invited Cliff on to share and discuss his new Project, the Progressive Radio Station in DC. ( And for those of us that are long time bloggers who still miss Air America we are excited for this new Station.) Cliff is a long time Political Voice and pundit, who has studied Politics and worked hard to educate those via Independent News and Blogs and Internet News. He is also known for his first book . ( Via Wikipedia " In April 2008, Schecter published his first book, The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him And Independents Shouldn't. The book controverted the image of Republican Presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, as a maverick politician who worked assiduously in the public's interest." Do read more from his BIO, we are very lucky to have someone so educated on the Political Landscape and issues.

We Act Radio Website
A wide assortment of progressive shows, Bill Press to Elon James to Ed Schultz to Stephanie Miller,Shannyn Moore and Nicole Sandler, and David Shuster doing News,and Cliff's own show with Lizz Winstead called Loose Ends and so much more. WPWC 1480 AM DC Progressive Talk Radio has arrived to the airwaves and to DC.
More Details about the Scheduled Programming, with chart explaining shows and schedules. You can follow on Twitter at @WeActRadio, it is broadcasting out of Anacostia SouthEast. On their twitter page " Get Out There and DO SOMETHING!" #WeActDC #1480AM #DoSomething . The Lineup is impressive from News to Music to Humor to Political Wisdom, it has it all. We invited Cliff on to talk about this New Station and Welcome him and the Station to the Airwaves.

Jim Dean of DFA 8:30PM EST , he is Chairman of DFA, the largest Progressive Political Action Committee based in Burlington Vermont. DFA was founded in 2004 after Howard Dean ran for President, and has been raising awareness on many issues and actions since then. Jim Dean has been involved with giving speeches, organizing and strategy and strengthening the Progressive Network across the Country. Dean currently travels across the country promoting grassroots and progressive activism in all levels of government through DFA’s training academies. Dean also takes part in national fund-raising efforts for the organization.

"I love the hard work Democracy for America members do. You are the boots on the ground working for progressive change year after year. They understand that when we get local and speak up, there is no stopping our movement."~~Micheal Moore

In an interview with, Dean is quoted as saying, “Democracy is not a spectator sport, and politics is way too important to be left up to the politicians.”

(1) Learn More about Democracy for America and their work across the Country.
(2) DFA has worked on so many important issues from Health Care to Marriage Equality to Getting Out the Vote to Here is the sight that highlights so many progressive actions.

(3) DO Follow on Twitter: @DFAaction

Micheal Moore::"I love the hard work Democracy for America members do. You are the boots on the ground working for progressive change year after year. They understand that when we get local and speak up, there is no stopping our movement."
And Last but not least DO Remember to go to the POLL by Lester and Charlie.....And enjoy their Site, their Humor , their Insights and their Video. You will love this Week's POLL ....Mittens won't.

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