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Awopradio Show for Sunday January 15th,2012

This is our 2nd show of our new season on USTREAM, and we start at 6PM EST. First there is the Intro from Kim and then the 99 Report at 6:30PM and then we get our Wonk on with Perry @mommapolitico does Kitchen Table Politics. Perry has been doing a great job keeping up with the GOP antics and Debates. ( 99Report is continuing focus on #OccupyStudentDebt and #OccupyForeclosures and #OccupyingTheDream that starts Jan16th and updates will be posted on the 99 Report Blog).

We have such Great Guests tonight....

Guest During the 99 Report :::
Please read Matt Bieber's Post about His Removal and Arrest at a Romney Event on January New Hampshire.
I am having a special guest during the 99 Report at 6:45PM , a Divinity Student from Harvard went to NH to watch and be a part of the Primary Process there and had an Experience that needs to be heard. Matt Bieber is a eloquent young man that was removed from a Romney Event and then arrested. There are many questions about how this situation was handled and why he was arrested. Is Romney "Hiring" Police Departments to Work Security at his events at Private Settings ? Is that legal ? Is Romney allowed to have Citizens arrested ? Is Romney allowed to suspend the Constitution at his Events ? Shouldn't we be encouraging our young people to be a part of the process ? ( we will continue to follow his case, and his arraignment is 1/26/12)

And tonight during Perry's Kitchen Table Politics 7-7:30PM EST she has a special Video Interview with Chuck D of Public Enemy and Air America which she taped this weekend, so this is a special treat. ( Video will be posted here after the show. ) And you can also find @MrChuckD on twitter too. Perry did a great interview with him and she talked Music and Politics with him, and great that we have this chance to hear from him on the Politics of these Times....And his concerns about Homelessness and his efforts and work to Give Back. Do go to his website and see how he is working to use his music and political Voice to give back. And share the information about Operation Skid Row. His Concert Series Starts January 15th In Southern California to raise awareness and funds and support for Homelessness Operation Skid Row Give Back Festival is inspiring and getting it done.


This is the video of @mommapolitico interviewing ChuckD at a record store in Ventura, there is a little background noise, but listen closely and turn up the volume, Chuck is still political and so accurate on the issues, and he's talking about giving back with his latest project and tour working with other musicians to help Homeless in LA and California. #OccupySkidRow

And our First Guest is at 7:30 PM with JasonLeopold Editor of Truthout and founder of The Public Record. ( You can find him on Twitter @jasonleopold) and he is a return guest, invited back as he has been writing extensively on the 10 Year Anniversary of Gitmo.
(1) This Post about Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield on GITMO is a must read.....and was updated 1/9/12

(2) And this post from Nov.2011 is also shares perspectives from an Former GITMO Prosecutor.

(3) This November Post about the Pentagon Propaganda Video is also a Must read.

(4) This link is to the Interview with Leopold about his Interviews of David Hicks of Gitmo.

(5) This RT/Truthout Link is about Jason's Interview regarding NDAA and Ongoing Detention issues.


Sarah Price of TIME Magazine is our 2nd guest at 8:00PM EST. Sarah is an accomplished MidEast Writer covering the Middle East for many years, and most recently focusing on Iraq and all that has been going on there, from the Winding Down of Military Operations to the escalating strife and violence of this year. You can read more of her writings on her blog, MidEast View One of her pieces on Bin Laden is fascinating and a Must Read and raises some interesting questions about Al Queda and the Mideast going forward.

Don Scime of "The David Dance" Film at 8:30PM EST

Don is an accomplished actor and writer, he has acted in everything from the Chappelle Show to Shakespeare. He has had stellar reviews, and in his latest work, quite a few of the reviews pointed out he has a certain Sam Waterson quality that is endearing to audiences. He has a long and accomplished Resume that is worth seeing....

More about Don on his website, has about his current projects, and the latest updates on The David Dance, which he wrote and stars in and produced. The other site that is a must see is the actual website for the Film, has background info, clips, trailers and reviews. The film has exquisite Lighting and beautiful music and story tenderly told with sensitivity and humor and insight. The Film is about Self Discovery, Love, and Relationships....This film will be entering the film festival circuit this spring, so do keep your eyes open for it.

From The David Dance Website This Synopsis:

"Set in a cold winter in Buffalo, New York “The David Dance” tells the story of siblings, David and Kate Patrone. David is the host of a local radio show called “Gay Talk”, which usually focuses on such breezy topics as “Body-Piercing: Fashion or Faux pas?” Kate is a thrice divorced banker with a yen for Schumann and cats. Though they are both successful in their own right, they share a secret inadequacy about themselves. Kate decides to adopt an orphan in Brazil and asks David to be the father figure. David grapples with his self doubts about this while courting an amiable technical assistant who also moonlights as drummer for an all-lesbian rock band. Told from present to past and back again, we experience the bittersweet life of a man as he struggles to pull its colorful pieces together. "

Beautiful Trailer and music.....

More about Don on his website, - about his current projects and the latest updates on "The David Dance" which he wrote, stars in and produced. ( In case you the links above are confusing) The other site that is a must see is the actual website for the film, , has background info, a teaser trailer and reviews of the play it's based on. ( again the site is also listed about and the Trailer here is from that site) .This wonderful film is currently in the final stages of of post-production and will be entering the film festival circuit soon ( hopefully this Spring).

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